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Audio Tape - Classical Schooling For Horse & Rider - A Back to Basics Lesson set to Music. (1 hour)

Review 1

This audio lesson begins by exploring the concept of opening up the body with simple exercises on the ground. These exercises free tension and help the rider to appreciate the upward (core) support of the back and abdomen in order to achieve a balanced position. Once accomplished, the rider's weight may flow freely and centrally downward via gravity, uniting the rider with the horse.

The feeling is encouraged during the warm-up so the rider remains in good balance to free the horse's back. The main portion of the lessons deals with the school figures, to emphasize the importance of :

  • Stretching, Suppling and Bending
  • Transferring Weight to the Haunches
  • Lightening the Trot looking for roundness and rhythm
  • Promoting overall Engagement and Throughness of the Horse in All Gaits
  • The tape provides a very good workout against a supportive musical program for any horse and rider working at any level. A refreshing way of introducing a more thinking approach to general schooling.

    (First reviewed in WARMBLOOD NEWS)

    Review 2

    During her initial equitation work in Portugal, Loch began to develop her co-ordinated training concepts. Three decades later, she teaches dressage throughout the world. Her underlying theme, which she narrates here, is that riding is a fundamental partnership between horse and rider. Designed for riders' listening while on horseback, the tape offers an in-ring instructor.

    While the total mental and physical involvement that she encourages will be especially useful to novices, many more experienced riders will be interested in her techniques. English composer, Keith Ashworth developed the music to suit the movements. His charming music provides appropriate support for Loch's soothing voice and challenging directions.

    (Reviewed by Carolyn Alexander, Brigadoon Library, Salinas, California for LIBRARY JOURNAL)

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