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DVD- Balance & Bodywork (PAL Format) - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK



Balance & Bodywork allows the viewer a revolutionary insight into how to ride and school a horse from the perspective of Perfect Balance. For most people the idea of perfect balance may seem out of reach except for the expert.

In this groundbreaking DVD, Sylvia demonstrates that this is not at all the case. Whilst gravity and the laws of locootion can work against us, they can also work for us - and in this DVD she shows you how! Step by step we are shown how to tap into those inner strengths. By mastering certain simple techniques through repetition and practice on the ground, the rider can then subconsciously convey the correct cues in the saddle.

Subjects covered include -

  • Better forward movement Releasing the back Transitions,
  • Reinback and Turns Circles - large and small Lateral work in all 3 gaits
  • Collection and Passage Flying changes.....
  • and much, much more...

Using her own unique set of exercises - Sylvia Loch uses NLP (Neuro-Lingusistic Programming) to empower the rider without force. In this DVD we see how 4 students of varying ability, shape, age and experience adapt to this revolutionary way of teaching to ride with a greater sense of purpose and selfcarriage.

This DVD provides a wonderful teaching tool for riders and their instructors. Whether for dressage, showjumping or crosscountry riding this Method lays down the guidelines of a lifetime.

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