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DVD- Getting On! (PAL Format - 2 hours approx)



Designed for beginner child riders and their parents, this DVD is a must for anyone starting off with ponies. 

The basics of catching, tying up, how to groom, bridle and saddle, mount and dismount, are shown and always with the utmost safety in mind.  Riding lessons and exercises on and off the lead-rein are demonstrated by 6 year olds, Jake and Jessica with their teacher Tracie at Holly Riding School.

Sylvia Loch's enthusiasm for her subject makes this a wonderful introduction to riding.


This best-selling film is for kids who already know how to ride but wish greater control and harmony. 

Not everyone owns the perfect pony and here we see 7 horse-mad youngsters  being coached by Sylvia to improve confidence, stickability, transitions, and all the gaits. Diagonals in trot are discussed as well as how to ensure the correct canter lead. An excellent section on choosing the right saddle and respect for the horse's mouth makes this a well-rounded film for children and parents alike. 

Beautifully filmed in the Scottish Borders you will refer to it again and again.

Price: 19.95 / € 24.00



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