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DVD- Classical Seat Series (PAL Format)



The Classical Seat was first published in book form in 1988 - it has since gone to seven editions and is still a world bestseller as is its Video of the same title. In this DVD you will find all three separate films of The Classical Seat appearing in order as Classical Seat I, II and III. Not only were they first made in this order, but it is also the natural order of progression for both Horse and Rider. Starting with the basic knowledge required to sit and to apply the aids correctly, these 3 separate films progress the viewer ever upward, showing the rider how to school the newly broken horse from start to advanced dressage.

In the first section - comprising Classical Seat I - much attention is paid to the horse's back, his centre of gravity and how important it is that the rider learns only to sit over the strongest part, whether in the light forward seat or the classical dressage seat. Saddles are discussed as well as deep work, lengthening the horse through the neck and understanding where and where not to apply the leg aids. By watching novice to more experienced pupils learning from schoolmaster horses as well as young horses, we see how the rider can be helped by the horse before she attempts to train her own horse.

In the second section - Classical Seat II - further work on schoolmasters clearly illustrate the concept of lightness, engagement and how to rebalance the horse over his hocks. Exercises leading towards these goals are then employed. We learn how to ride a correct circle (something rarely understood) correct corners, turning the horse away from the track so that he uses his hocks to make a straight depart, good serpentines and so on. An introduction to the lateral exercises is made, starting shoulder-in and travers is shown with the novice horse. This is an excellent film for bringing the young horse into a state of good balance and roundness.

In the third section - Classical Seat III - stunning filming of work to confirm the shoulder-in, travers, lateral exercises on the circle, i.e. quarters-in and quarters-out, as well as balanced turns on the hocks leads us towards the Half Pass, Counter Canter and Collection. Medium trot and lengthening the canter is discussed as well as Reinback to Canter and preparation for Piaffe. This last film builds and consolidates on all the work to date, many of the same horses and riders are shown and the viewer can see how all have improved from the earliest days of filming. The joy of watching top international dressage trainer Sylvia Loch at work with her pupils and horses is the encouragement and clear explanations given.

It is evident that no one is put under pressure but the work and the condition of the horse - particularly his biomechanic and mental welfare - is given the due reverence it deserves. The Classical Seat series has found acclaim worldwide and helped many riders of all disciplines to work towards their goal, knowing that everything is possible with the correct approach and understanding of the classical principles.

The clever lay-out of this DVD with its Menus and sub-menus help you to choose all the various movements and exercises as well as important concepts such as 'on the bit', collection and weight back, etc.

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