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DVD - Training Programme - Poles (PAL Format)

are not just for jumping. With a bit of imagination, schooling with ground poles can be used to improve every aspect of basic training for you and your horse.

Pole work helps to develop your horse’s strength, suppleness and obedience and your own concentration and accuracy as a rider. Training sessions can be made more interesting for you and your horse whether you enjoy jumping, dressage, or riding in the countryside.

This DVD shows you how to establish basic schooling techniques at home and is extremely helpful if you not have access to regular lessons. The format of this DVD gives you the option of selecting which lesson you wish to watch at any time. Follow the straightforward User Guide to help you.

On screen follow each stage of the work from obedience training in hand, correcting your position in the saddle, through to exercises to improve your horse's way of going.

Pole work will improve your skills as a dressage rider, helping you to understand which muscles both you and your horse should be using. Establishing a correct and safe jumping technique using poles is vital to later tackling show jumps and cross-country fences.

Training for young and older horses is explained, how to integrate schooling with hacking and trailer training to help you load your horse safely.

Pole work adds a different dimension to working your horse on the lunge and in hand, helping to make training sessions interesting, and effective.

Claire Lilley has been training horses and teaching riders both overseas and in the UK for over twenty years. She believes that successful schooling involves sensitivity and understanding, always being aware that every horse and rider is different. Training must be enjoyable in order for horses and riders to achieve their goals.

Nevertheless the same basic principles, of a good seat and the correct aids must be maintained across the disciplines.

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